Our upholstery cleaning machines produce excellent cleaning results through gentle agitation and heavy duty extraction. Prolong the life of that favorite chair by removing ground-in dirt and grit which quickly wear out fibers. From fine leather furniture to all of the common fabrics used in today's furnishings, we can clean them all.

We offer:

* Acid rinse for fine fabrics
* Dry clean for fine fabrics
* Bacteria enzyme
* Scotchguard
* Car upholstery cleaning
* Boat upholstery cleaning
* Air craft upholstery cleaning


1. Thorough and effective cleaning
2. Fast drying times
3. A longer lasting clean
4. Safe for all kinds of upholstery
5. Safe for children and pets

Each Full-Service UCC Upholstery Cleaning Includes:

1. Inspection of your furniture for fabric type and color fastness.
2. Pre vacuum
2. If necessary, we pre-treat heavily soiled areas.
3. We will then steam clean your upholstery. If required, our technician will repeat this process for heavily soiled areas if necessary. 
4. Spot cleaners are used for difficult stains and are included in the cleaning.
5. We will the apply Scotchgard at your request. Scotchgard is a protector which protects spills form absorbing into the upholstery material.
6. Your furniture is then groomed using a grooming brush to give it a like-new appearance.

First impressions can mean everything in a fast paced corporate world.


We do not leave until your satisfied with the cleaning or you will receive your money back!


Q: How often should upholstery be cleaned?
A: This depend on your environment. If your upholstery is subjected to
heavy use it will require more frequent cleanings.

Q: How often does upholstery get dirty?
A: This depends on the usage and care given to your upholstery.
Application of a protection solution will lengthen time in between cleanings.